Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bloom Day May, 2007


13/05/2007 Acacia


13/05/2007 Pelargonium


13/05/2007 Pelargonium

Hebe Abbey Rose

13/05/2007 Hebe Abbey Rose

Hebe Snowdrift

13/05/2007 Hebe Snowdrift

Hebe (Plectranthus?)

13/05/2007 Hebe

Correa Decumbens

13/05/2007 Correa Decumbens

Correa Dusky Bell

13/05/2007 Correa Dusky Bell

Correa Glabra x Decumbens

13/05/2007 Correa Glabra x Decumbens

Also flowering (but I couldn't get a decent photo):


Carol said...

Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Your flowers look great. We at least have pelargoniums in common but that's about it. There is so much diversity in the plant world!

geekglue said...

Thanks Carol,

I meant to post last month but I was too busy at the time. It's such a great idea it's great to be involved.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Love that Acacia and those Correa's are very nice too. Hebe's I had in my previous garden, excellent plants and so pretty.

Have you had rain yet? Any at all? In the Netherlands we had 45 days without rain, a record for us (don't laugh). And after that it rained for almost a whole week.

My contribution to Blooms Day is up too.


Crafty Gardener said...

You have some lovely blooms in your garden. Stop by and see my slideshow of spring blooms.

Pam/Digging said...

Bill, I love your acacia and correas. How long until your first freeze---or does it freeze where you live?

geekglue said...

Hi Pam ; no it doesn't freeze here. We get enough snow to last for 5 minutes once a decade on the You Yangs (en extinct volcanco nearby).

Yolanda : we have been getting some rain for the last month. It's very light and infrequent. They announced yesterday that Melbourne had the driest year in recorded history.

Christa said...

Nice to see what's blooming in Australia. I've never heard of most of these. Thanks for showing them.

My post for Bloom Day is up, too.

ladyluz said...

Hi Throbbing Thumb (know the feeling!). I was delighted to find you on Blotanical and see your link about Acacias and, blow me, to find another plant (Chef's Hat...glabeus something) that we'd bought recently with no name on it. Now I can read up on it. So thanks for that.

You seem to have the same things blooming as we in Spain, so lots of points of interest to go now and have more browsing. thank you again.

Ainslie said...

Hey Throbbing Thumb from a Melbournite. I think that last hebe pic is a Plectranthus. Happy blooming and a rain dance on the side.

geekglue said...

Thanks Ainslie,

I think you may be right. I haven't found a good picture but all the descriptions seem to agree. I will update the Flickr entry.