Saturday, March 24, 2007

Not Playing Possum Anymore

07_02_27 Possum25/03/07 Keeping out possums

We have a regular nocturnal visitor to our garden. But there have been three occasions recently when our visitor (a possum) decided that it was worth taking a look inside. It's a bit disturbing waking up at 3am to noises in the next room. It's also no fun trying to hustle a nervous possum out the front door in your PJ's. We're assuming the possums coming down the chimney so today I took some action and covered the chimney top with chicken wire. Simple, a bit rough and ready but hopefully we won't get anymore late night visits.

25/03/07 Keeping out possums (w Garden)


mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

We have possums, too, here in Texas. Sometimes they get under our house (it's on pier and beams). I don't think any of tried to come down the chimney, but then we had it covered many years ago to keep birds from flying in.

Our big pest is raccoons.

geekglue said...

To zanthan gardens,

Thanks for the comment and might I add I love the look of your blog. The possums have stopped coming down the chimney. But every night as soon as we put the lights out they go bolting across the roof. Which makes the most enormous racket (flat, steel roof). They live in the trees out the front and forage in our yard at night. It's a bit of a nuisance because if we plant anything edible they'll eat all the new growth.